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Episode 11: Breaking The Culture Of Eviction

Ep 10: Brains in Africa

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In this episode, Lisha Sterling speaks with Melissa Rasmussen about her time in Ghana during 2012, building an aquaponics farm and teaching various sustainable agricultural techniques.

Ep 9: Onion Brains

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Ep8: Social Scripts for Abuse

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How do you deal with the news that someone you know has been or is being abused? Why do people stay in situations of domestic violence? How can a community help both the victim and the perpetrator of abuse? (Is it even possible?)

In this hour and a half podcast there are no simple answers, but there are experiences, ideas, and examples of how individuals and communities have worked to stop abuse and create a space for healing.

Trigger Warning:

Ep. 7 - The Growing Things episode

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In this episode I talk to Melissa Rasmussen about Aquaponics, Permaculture, and her experiences in the field. She talks about her travels, the effect of these agricultural methods on the environment and food production, and their relationship to community.

During the show, Melissa mentions a few resources which you can find here:

Ep6: Recording Your Brain

Ep5: Wearable Sensors and External Brains

This episode of the BrainMeats! podcast comes to us from CyborgCamp Seattle 2012, where we heard Amber Case (@caseorganic) talk about wearable computing and location-aware applications.

Special thanks go to Amber for recording all the talks at CyborgCamp and sending them to us for publication here on the podcast, which I will be posting over the next few weeks.

You can see Amber's slides for this talk at

BrainMeats! Episode 4: Coopted Brains

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This show is about the inevitable co-option of subcultures by the mainstream. We talk about what it looks like, why it's a problem, and how to infect larger culture with your ideals in the process. We talk to Margaret Killjoy (aka Magpie @magpiekilljoy), founder and editor of Steampunk Magazine, editor at Combustion Books and freelance graphic designer.

    Mentioned in the podcast,

BrainMeats! Episode 3: Brains on Distribution

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This episode is about creating and distributing products through community-enabled tools like hacker spaces, YouTube, and Kickstarter. Whether you are creating digital products, like Ben Dobyns' JourneyQuest show or the physical products produced by Beth Kolko's Shift Labs, a combination of highly connected media and transportation systems and an enthusiasticly supportive community make it possible to get your stuff out there like never before.

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